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When an urge is present, you tend to think only of the Benefits of the Addiction, but completing the image to include the negative consequences that follow will give you a more accurate view of the whole scenario. Received 27 Dec Matthew Browne et al.

I'd like to try your techniques to see if it works. Hai Luo et al. In order to cope well with them, it is usually necessary to understand them accurately, rather than in the distorted manner of many addicts. Im glad you took something from this thread. Maybe a thread of your own ruge allow members to support you and allow others members to gain from your experience. Show full item record.

Abstract: The aim of this study was to establish reliability and validity of the Gambling Urge Scale (GUS) in a clinical population of problem gamblers. This cohort. Psychol Addict Behav. Jun;18(2) The gambling urge scale: development, confirmatory factor validation, and psychometric properties. Raylu N(1). The authors developed and validated the 6-item Gambling Urge Questionnaire (GUS), which was based on the 8-item Alcohol Urge Questionnaire (M. J. Bohn.

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